Competition Details

From January through April 10, 2017, individuals, small teams, and small businesses are invited to submit innovative start-up ideas in modeling and simulation. Entries will be screened and accepted projects invited to present at MODSIM World. Applicants will be notified by April 15, 2017. The semi-final and the final round of the competition will take place during the conference in April 2017 where the contestants will present their pitch to a panel of distinguished judges. During the final round, the audience will vote on their favorite entry, with a cash prize awarded to the overall winner.

Who is Eligible?

Individuals, small teams, and existing small businesses who believe their new product or service has the potential to grow to significant size and value are invited to submit. Teams may include a large business in a form of a mentor, where cash winnings will go to the individual/small business.

How to Enter

Please check back soon for how to enter!

How to Sponsor

We invite leaders in innovative thinking interested in sponsoring the cash prize for this event to contact Debbie Langelier at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 703-247-9480


Where are they now?

Michael Hugos
Co-Founder, SCM Globe

2015 Entrepreneur Competition Winner

It's been a busy year since we won the MODSIM 2015 Entrepreneurship Contest. In April we presented a paper at the ITEC Conference in Prague on the use of simulations to design supply chains to respond to natural disasters. We modeled our simulations on the Central European flooding disasters that happened in 2002, 2010 and 2013. This is now a case study on our website, "Disaster Response Supply Chains" - Over the summer we worked with the largest supply chain and logistics professional association in Canada, the Supply Chain Management Association, to integrate our simulations into several of their professional continuing education courses. Also during the summer we worked with a military history professor to model and simulate the supply chain that supported the Japanese invasion of India in 1944 at the end of World War II. That case study is also available in our online library, "Burma Campaign - Spring 1944" - In the fall we were part of a cultural exchange group that visited Cuba for a week. We presented our work with universities and supply chain training programs. We wrote about this in our SCM Globe blog in a post titled "Cuba 55 Years On: Impact of Supply Chains" - 2016 is off to a good start as we work with more schools in United States and abroad that are using our simulations at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Also networks of community colleges in Indiana, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin have added our simulations to their supply chain and logistics programs.

We hope to see you again this year at MODSIM 2016. We entered the M & S Challenge competition and hope to be invited to present our simulations at the conference in Virginia Beach. We put together a multi-disciplinary team and are proposing to model and simulate the design of military and civilian supply chains to support humanitarian relief operations in Syria.

Sanci Marie Hall
CEO, VolleySim

2015 Entrepreneur Competition First Runner-up

More downloads. More sales. More players learning the skills of volleyball. That’s what we saw thanks to our opportunity to present VolleySim at the 2015 ModSimWorld Entrepreneur Competition, where we received the overwhelming popular vote from attendees. The vital advice and recommendations competition judges and attendees provided was immediately put into practice. Specifically, we reconfigured our sales strategy and went free-to-play on the app stores, leading to an increase in daily downloads by 2646% and 55,844 more downloads in the 4 months after ModSimWorld than the four months previous. Today, we are putting the finishing touches on adding Meta-Cognitive Prompts that will allow us to directly affect how our users think about defensive positioning in volleyball and increase their understanding of reading a player's body language for indications of what is about to happen on the court. With over 200,000 successful passes in just the last three months, VolleySim is changing the off-court training opportunities for players of all ages and skills.

Brandon Naids
CEO & Co-Founder, Talon Simulations

2015 Entrepreneur Competition Finalist

Following the demonstration of the prototype virtual reality flight simulator at MODSIM 2015, Talon Simulations formed a partnership with U.K. based Atomic Motion Systems to license their motion simulator technology. This allowed us to accelerate our product to market and launch the sale of the Atomic A3 full motion simulator in October 2015. The A3 is adjustable for different sizes and heights, adaptable to different applications such as planes, fighter jets, and ground vehicles, and affordable, making motion simulation more accessible to greater audiences.

The A3 is USB "plug & play" and not only has motion support for over 130 off the shelf titles including Prepar3d and City Car Driving, but it can also easily integrate with custom software through our provided software development kit. One of our first customers, Raydon Corporation, seamlessly integrated their custom convoy software with our motion platform to provide a realistic and immersive training experience.

We also specialize in virtual reality technology and have been hired on as consultants for various hardware/software integration jobs. The VR/AR industry is evolving exponentially and Talon Simulations will play an active part every step of the way.

You can learn more at and see the simulator in action at I/ITSEC 2015 at this link.

Mary Ann Pigora
Sr. Principal Investigator, Engineering and Computer Simulations

2015 Entrepreneur Competition Competitor

In the past year, the Crisis Response System has been used for training emergency response teams by customers including CSX, Exxon, Anadarko, Children’s National Health System, and Alyeska Pipeline. It has also been used to conduct 26 large scale exercises for National Guard Joint Force Headquarters staff in 20 different states and territories. We are continuing to develop new features and expand into new training markets.

Are you an entrepreneur using MODSIM tools to solve problems in Manufacturing, Energy, Finance, Transportation, Training, Retail, Serious Gaming, or other non-defense industry?

Does your new approach create opportunities for non-experts to use MODSIM tools to solve new and important problems?

Would you like to help the world see how MODSIM makes a difference in unexpected places?

Calling All Entrepreneurs

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