M&S Challenge Competition Value Proposition

The challenge should provide the following added value to the M&S community:

  • Contribute a creative solution to help the selected community/industry/business sector.
  • Form a competitive team to create a solution to a real world problem using M&S.
  • Receive recognition/award for your work while helping others.
  • Gain exposure and network amongst M&S professionals, industry and academia.
  • And of course: Bragging rights.

Challenge Competition Problems

Challenge Competition problems need to be compelling and relevant to the community or industry/business sector. While collaboration among academia, government and industry participants is desired it is not required.

Areas of interest (suggested):

  • Cyber Security
  • Crime
  • Flooding/Sea Level Rise (SLR)
  • Health
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Safety & Justice

Software and Hardware Platforms

The participants may use any simulation platform. The following are suggested by the committee for participant use:

  • MIST (Monte-Carlo)
  • Simio (Discrete Event)

Preliminary Competition Rules

Judging Criteria

Judging is based on two deliverables: written report and project presentation. Both the report and project presentation should include the same material, namely:

Description of the problem

Assumptions, inputs, and outputs – conceptual model, diagrams, equations, etc.

Snapshot of the model – the extent of which will differ between the presentation and the report (i.e. can explain what is happening during a model run in the presentation, but cannot in the report)

Verification and Validation

Analysis of results

Further experimentation performed, if any, outside of the original project description from the abstract


Contact Andy Collins for anything related to the MODSIM World Challenge Competition

Dr. Andrew Collins

E: dr.a.collins@gmail.com

Congratulations to Team SKY, the 2017 Challenge Competition Winner!

Click here to read about their winning project, Simulating the Impact of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga in Hampton Roads!

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