2019 Special Events

The Simulation Century – The Leap from Big Data to Immersive Intelligence

This is our seventh annual session to address the growing issue of managing the human/ machine interface as we hurtle towards the Singularity. We will continue our discussion of how to achieve fluency with smarter balance between humans and machines to optimize outcomes. The Simulation Century Panel presentations this year will focus on technologies that can easily be applied to provide 10x returns on investment in less than twelve months! Don’t miss this session for ideas you can implement this year with high multiple returns on investment.

Moderator: Mr. Richard Boyd, CEO, Tanjo, Inc.


  • Allen Badeau, CTO, NCI Inc
  • Simona Georgescu, Founder & President, Adduco Communication
  • Troy Knight

Senior Leader Panel – Enablers for Digital Transformation

Our ability to successfully execute an organization’s digital transformation is closely related to how to embrace innovation. Innovation creates uncertainty. Uncertainty creates a human and organizational need to seek more knowledge and information about the innovation and understanding the opportunities and risks involved embracing innovation. Senior Leaders from Government and Industry will share their challenges, opportunities, and principles related to embracing modeling and simulation as an enabler for an organization’s digital transformation.

Moderator: RADM James Robb, USN (Ret), President, NTSA


  • Dr. Bob Armstrong, Executive Director, Sentara Center for Simulation Immersive Learning (SCSIL)
  • Mr. Roger Barga, General Manager, AWS Robotics and Autonomous Services
  • Dr. Marty Irvine, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division/Dam Neck
  • Dr. James Moreland, DASD, Platform and Weapon Integration
  • Mr. Sanjay Sardar, Vice President of Operations, Solutions and Technology Group, SAIC
  • Mr. Pekka Sivonen, Executive Director, General of Digital Transformation, Finnish Industries

Defense and Homeland Security Panel – The Disruption of Conventions in Defense and Homeland Security by Modeling and Simulation

The integration of modeling and simulation into defense and homeland security will fundamentally change how we plan, train, prepare and perform our stated missions. It also involves a cultural change that will require us to continually challenge the status quo and experiment often in order to optimize our mission effectiveness. This might mean walking away from long-standing processes and beliefs in favor of practices that are still being defined. This panel will explore which conventions need to change, emerging new practices, and the benefits to Defense and Homeland Security

Moderator: LCDR Chris Davidson, Royal Australian Navy.


  • Mr. Wayne Buck, Modeling & Simulation Specialist, NATO - Allied Command Transformation
  • Dr. Syed Mohammad, Director, HSARPA Modeling and Simulation
  • Mr. David Shuttleworth, Aerospace Engineer, Navy Modeling and Simulation Office
  • Dr. Eric Weisel, Director, VMASC

Panel: “A Pair of Aces” – Your Data in a Big Data Society

In this second annual session, we will continue discussing the role of data in society. Is it for the people or simple of the people? A duality is at play - people share personal data to improve their healthcare and business transactions, yet there is growing concern in how the “ruling class” has performed in deploying increasingly sophisticated data science techniques to use their data. Our discussion focuses on data and trending data science techniques. Join in on the discussion with your mobile device as our panelists provide insights on the use of personal data in a big data world and how striking a reasonable balance involves both people’s rights and responsibilities.


  • Mr. Jay Gendron, Data Scientist, USAA
  • Dr. Eric Weisel, Director, VMASC


  • Dr. Justin Brunelle, Principal Researcher, The MITRE Corporation
  • Dr. Aaron Glassman, Chair, Department of Technology Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University -Worldwide
  • Ms. Lauren Green, MPH, Clinical Data Specialist, EVMS-Sentara HADSI
  • Dr. Ralitsa Maduro, Quality Research Institute, Sentara Healthcare
  • Dr. Jaclyn Simpkins, Instructor, EVMS-Sentara HADSI

International Perspective – The Story of Finland's Digital Transformation

Join us, as Finland’s Executive Director for Digital Transformation of Finnish Industries, Mr. Pekka Sivonen, an accomplished global leader in Digital Transformation shares Finland’s journey in successfully implementing a nationwide strategy and structure to become one of world’s leaders digital infrastructures/economy enabling all key vertical market segments. Pekka will share Finland’s Digital Transformation Strategy, already a success story and also discuss what the future holds for Finland’s Digital Strategy including collaboration opportunities.

Mr. Pekka Sivonen, Executive Director, General of Digital Transformation, Finnish Industries

Engaging the Future of Modeling & Simulation

The Engaging the Future of Modeling and Simulation Session is devoted exclusively to research findings presented by undergraduate and/or graduate students and will consist of informal discussions between presenters and facilitate the exchange of current, research-based information pertaining to modeling and simulation. This session provides a more intimate forum for exchange than do regular paper presentations. It also provides an opportunity for students at universities and institutions to gain public speaking experience in a professional environment and presents a forum in which existing professionals may meet their rising peers.

Innovation Corner: Extending Medical Training Beyond Reality

The Innovation Corner is dedicated to demonstrating technologies that are pushing the envelope. We’re packing VR, Haptics and Genetic Engineering into the Innovation Corner for 2019. Stop by, check out the demos and chat with Innovation Panel speakers at this unique event. Participating companies: Quantified Design Solutions, JANUS Research, Plas.md, and ICF International.


  • Quantified Design Solutions: Real-Time facial animation, Scenario Design
  • JANUS Research: Haptics, Scenario Design
  • Plas.md: Real-Time motion capture, 3D Modeling, Scenario Design
  • ICF International: Subject Matter Expertise


The MODSIM STEM event provides the conference a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the school experience of the youth who are just beginning to formulate their dreams for the future. During the MODSIM STEM event, approximately 100 area high school students will get the opportunity to see firsthand the world of M&S. Students will rotate through hands-on M&S demonstrations provided in the exhibit hall to see STEM in action.

Panel: Measuring and Optimizing the Impact of XR Experiences – Impact Results and Lessons Learned

Cross Reality Track


  • Mr. Tyler Gates, Brightline Interactive
  • Mr. David Jones, Quantified Design Solutions
  • Mr. Kishan Shetty, JANUS Research
  • Mr. Vance Souders, Plas.md

Workshop: Development of a Technological Roadmap for Modeling and Simulation

Science and Engineering Track

Dr. Andrew Collins
, Old Dominion University
Mr. Miguel Toro-Jarrin, Old Dominion University

Featured Speaker

Training and Education Track

Dr. Hasan Ayaz, Drexel University

2019 Congressional Keynote

Congressman Bobby Scott

We are proud to announce that Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) will present the Keynote Address on Monday April 22nd.
For more information on Congressman Bobby Scott, view his biography here.

2019 Industry Keynote

Charles Southall

MODSIM World 2019 is proud to announce that Charles Southall, vice president of Engineering and Design for Newport News Shipbuilding will present the Keynote Address on Monday April 22nd. Check out Mr. Charles Southall biography here.

2019 Government Keynote 

Sae Schatz, Ph.D., serves as the Director of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, a research and development program under the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training, view her biography here.

2019 Senior Military Panel

Tim Hill

Captain Timothy M. Hill, USN
Commanding Officer, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)
For more information on CAPT Tim Hill, view his biography here.


Robert Epstein

Colonel Robert Epstein, USAF
Commander, Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS)
For more information on COL Robert Epstein, view his biography here.



Colonel Lawrence Mullany, USA
Environment Operations Division Chief, Joint Staff J7 Deputy Directorate for Joint Training
For more information on COL Lawrence Mullany, view his biography here.

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