MODSIM World 2018 focuses on the application of Modeling and Simulation to support ever-changing future demands under our 2018 theme, “Engineering the Future and Enabling Readiness: Virtually Ready for any Reality”.


M&S for decision support, data mining, prediction, and analysis
This track seeks papers that address work accomplished in data mining, decision support, data and text analytics, or statistical approaches to extract, transform, and apply data sources to support analysis and decision-making. Key domains of work include business intelligence, business process modeling, algorithm development, trend and factor analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Enhancing M&S from concept to integration to visualization
This track seeks papers that present advances to enhance the sophistication of existing M&S capabilities and stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges. The use of emerging and innovative science and engineering techniques applied to M&S enables more valuable expressions to propel the domain including work in any phase of the M&S lifecycle from concept design to data integration to post processing visualization.

Enhancing the application of M&S in training and education
This track seeks papers that discuss the application of innovative concepts, methods, and technologies to enhance the application of M&S in training and education. This also includes the leveraging of instructional strategies, methods, and best practices that promote or advance learning while empowering learners, instructors and evaluators. While this often includes work in immersive environments, papers are not limited to that particular dimension for inclusion in this presentation track.

Techniques to enhance M&S-enabled training & decision aiding
This track seeks papers that report on work and approaches to improving training environments, data analytics, and decision making systems through application of visualization, gamification, or both. Visualization may be in the form of virtual reality representations or expressing data analysis. Gamification is the application of game design elements within professional business processes to enhance intrinsic motivations and increase the likelihood of achieving performance objectives envisioned by the M&S design.

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