MODSIM World 2024 Best Paper
Title Authors
Creating Virtual World Environments for Ocean Vehicles Ryan Capozzi, Amanda Costa, and Ian Friedrichs
Title Authors
BEST PAPER NOMINEE: OptDef: Optimization & Analysis for Defense Simulation Models Dr. Jose Ramirez and Dr. Benjamin Thengvall
Beyond Assessment: Accelerating Simulation’s Readiness Benefits with Competency Profiles Dr. Benjamin Bell, Matthew Ross, Debbie Brown, and Ronald Ray
Harnessing Deep Learning for Enhanced Military Simulations: A Comprehensive Approach Luis Velazquez
Localized Observation Abstraction Using Piecewise Linear Spatial Decay for Reinforcement Learning in Combat Simulations Scotty Black and Christian Darken
The Complete C5ISR Architecture Tool (TC2AT) John Lock and Richard Goad
What Can, What Could, What Should… Simulation Supporting Delivery of Enhanced Effectiveness of JFS Training in a Live Environment? Maximilian Jakob and Florian Göttinger
Simulation Experimentation of Swarms Melissa Jablonski, Dr. Elizabeth Mezzacappa, Michael McBride, and Dr. Ross Arnold
Building a Domain Agnostic Framework for Efficient and Effective Risk Communication Messages Dr. Ross Gore, Dr. Ann Marie Reinhold, Dr. Barry Ezell, Dr. Elizabeth Shanahan, Erik Jensen, Dr. Christopher Lynch, Dr. Clemente Izurieta, Jessica Cordner, Virginia Zamponi, and Madison Munro
Smart Munitions Effectiveness Model Evelyn Welling and Antonio Aguirre
Preliminary Assessment of Single Amphibious Integrated Precision Augmented Reality Navigation System Victoria Jolliff, Dr. Stacie Ringleb, Kevin Hernandez, and Dr. Peter Crane
Phase One of a Context-Aware Data Mesh Erica Dretzka
Modeling Human Behavioral Responses to Targeted Violence Dr. Rainer Hilscher, Matthew DeMichele, and William Parkin
Title Authors
Enhancing Digital Transformation Through Maturity Modeling Claire Hughes and Dr. Kay Stanney
Re-spatializing Gangs: An Exponential Random Graph Model of Twitter Data to Analyze the Geospatial Distribution of Gang Member Connections Dr. Ryan Roberts
A Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Framework to Assess Navigational Benefit and Distraction Potential for Specific Service Signs using Simulated Driving Performance and Self-reported Cognition Dr. Kevin Hulme, CMSP, Rachel Su Ann Lim, Roman Dmowsk, Dr. Mahdi Ebnali, Meredith Finn, Jiajun Pang, Gongda Yu, Dr. Huei-Yen Chen, and Dr. Kuan-Ting Chen
Digital Twins of the Battlespace – Data and Formats for Enhanced Modeling and Simulation Ronald Moore and Randall Toth
Fuelish Errors: Taking the Risk out of Hazardous Petroleum Specialist Training with Interactive Simulations Gayla Thompson and Phil DeAlmedia
A Micro-Discrete Event Simulation Environment for Production Scheduling in Manufacturing Digital Twins Dr. Sean Mondesire, Tori Wright, Brian Tse, and Emmanuel Nsiye
Application of Immersive Technologies in the Visualization of Partial Discharges in Power Transformers: A Significant Advance in Supporting Maintenance Practices Dr. Gerson Lima, Dr. Alexandre Cardoso, Joao Feitosa, Mateus Flausino, Lucas Freitas, and Dr. Helder Paula
Synthetic Computer Vision Data helps Overcome AI Training Challenges Mark Hogsett and Christopher Andrews
Interactive Coaching of Highly Independent Participants in AR Richard St. Augustine and Richard Goad
Analysis of a Model Predictive Control Mixed Integer Linear Program Model for Air Traffic Management Dr. Rex Kincaid and Logan Wolf
Training & Education
Title Authors
Human Testing Using Large-Language Models: Experimental Research through the Development of a Security Awareness Controls Framework Sarah Assaf and Timothy Lynar
Visualizing Communication Data to Augment Squad Performance Evaluations Dr. Michael King, Dr. Gregory Goodwin, Dr. Julian Abich IV, Dr. Eric Sikorski, Clifford Hancock, and Meghan O'Donovan
Cybersickness Between a Virtual and Mixed Reality Flight Simulator – A Comparative Study Christian Lindberg, Jouni Lindqvist, Robin Dahlkvist, Dr. Guilherme Elçadi and Dr. Robert Ramberg
Developing an Executive Education Simulation Using Game Design Methodologies Gul Ayaz, Dr. Katherine Smith, Rafael Diaz, and Joshua Behr
Automating Analysis for Efficient and Effective Learning Solutions Claudia Escribano, Cody Caddell, Stephen Godwin, Beth Myers
CyberSim RL: A Simulation Environment to Train, Test, and Evaluate Automated Cybersecurity Offensive Agents and Digital Twins Dr. Sean Mondesire and Daniel Muller
Reality Capture for Electrical Substations with Integrated Spherical Images and GeoBase Data in a GIS Platform Gerson de Lima, Claudemir Alves, Gabriel Cyrino, Alexandre Cardoso, Edgard Lamounier, Davidson Campos, Jader de Oliveira, and Luís dos Santos
BEST PAPER NOMINEE: Employing Manned and Autonomous Machines: Implications for Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Training Simulations Dr. Tim Cooley and Dr. Ivar Oswalt, CMSP
Converting Traditional Training to Serious Gameplay Matthew Becchio, Madison Quinn, Samantha Beigel, Alexis Damron, and Shane Taber
Integration of Simulation Techniques for the Development and Validation of Artificial Neural Networks in Modeling Complex Dynamic Systems Kate Cloutier, Dr. Mileta Tomovic, and Dr. Drew Landman
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