MODSIM World focuses on the application of Modeling and Simulation to support ever-changing future demands under our 2024 theme, “Breaking Beyond: Taking the Next Step

MODSIM will bring together M&S leaders focused on novel solutions and applications designed to innovate our future world. This unique, multi-disciplinary, and international conference and exposition features three presentation tracks, focusing on M&S communities of practice: Industry, Defense, and Training & Education. These main tracks include technologies, approaches, and solutions in numerous areas including Engineering, Medical Simulation, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Gamification, and Visualizations.

  • INDUSTRY: The advancement of M&S within industry applications improves processes, outcomes, facilities, and equipment for the future of manufacturing, engineering, and infrastructure development. This track seeks papers focused on innovative M&S approaches and solutions which are rapidly moving the industry forward.
  • DEFENSE: M&S is critical to accelerate our national and international defense and security. To maintain a competitive edge, M&S facilitates rapid assessment and implementation of security protocols, practices, and procedures. This track seeks papers focused on expanding technologies and approaches in M&S to advance all levels of security.
  • TRAINING & EDUCATION: From health sciences and academics to social and environmental innovations, M&S is helping to transform all aspects of our current and future educational communities. This track seeks papers that discuss the application of pioneering concepts, methods, and technologies to enhance the application of M&S for the benefit of the greater community.


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