Analytics and Decision-Making
Title Authors
Shifting Data Collection from a Fixed to an Adaptive Sampling Paradigm Dr. Erik Axdahl
The Last Mile in Analytics and Decision Making Mr. Jeff McCrindle
A Sustainability Assessment Model for Crop Rotation Alternative Ms. Saturnina Nisperos and Dr. Frederic McKenzie
Visualization and Pre-Processing of Intensive Care Unit Data Using Python Data Science Tools Dr. Jacob Barhak
Hospitality, Big Data, and Restaurateurs: Does Simulation have a Seat at the Table? Mr. Jay Gendron, Ms. Bailey Gendron, and Dr. Eric Weisel
A Genetic Model for the Evolution of Complex Technologies and its Application to Economic Development Dr Morton Tavel and Mr. Devin Markovitz
Rapid Analysis of Simulation Outputs for Use in Emergency Preparedness in Animal Disease Outbreaks Ms. Melissa Schoenbaum, Ms. Lindsey Holmstrom, Dr. Karla Moreno-Torres, Dr. Shankar Yadav, Dr. Jonathan Arzt, Dr. Carolina Stenfeldt
Simulation-Based Evaluation of Medical Workstations Designed for Human Space Exploration Mr. Jacob Richardson, Mr. Brian Dilinila, Mr. Thomas Tracey, Mr. Minh Dong, Mr. John Paul Asija, Mr. michael Poteat, Mr. Jake Webster
Simulation-Based Leadership Decision Support Simulator for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Dr. Daniel Barber, Mr. Scott Harris, Dr. Robb Dunne, Dr. Martin Goodwin, Dr. Lauren Reinerman, and Dr. Irwin Hudson
The Application of Data Farming and Warhaming to Coalition Decision-Making Dr. Gary Horne and Dr. Wayne Stilwell
The VCS C-Seam Analytics Platform: A Monte Carlo Approach to Machine Learning Mr. Andrew Turscak
The Acquisition System is Broken - But Not for the Reasons You Think Dr. John Surdu and Mr. Luis Velazquez
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
A Versatile Simulation Framework for Elastodynamic Modeling of Structural Health Monitoring   Ms. Elizabeth Gregory, Ms. Cara Lekcey, Mr. William Schneck, Mr. Paul Swindell
Preventing Premature Death in the M&S Lifecycle: Lessons Learned from Resurrection and Modernization of a Space System Contamination Model Dr. Elaine Seasly and Mr. Walter Wrigglesworth
Use of Real-Time, Predictive Human Modeling for Spatial Disorientation Detection and Mitigation Mr. Ronald Daiker, Dr. Kyle Ellis, and Dr. Santosh Mathan
A Multi-level Universal Specification ofr Intelligent Characters (MUSIC) Dr. Todd Griffith, Mr. Jason Potts, Mr Colin Puskaritz, and Dr. Byron Harder
IoT Applied to the Control and Monitoring in Substations   Mr. Mauricio Aureliano, Mr. Reidner Cavalcante, Mr. Gabriel Cyrino, Mr. Alexandre Cardoso, and Mr. Edgard Lamounier
Modeling of the Ionosphere Reveals Wide Bandwidth Available for a Virtual SATCOM Communication System Mr. Dennis Watson and Dr. Linda Vahala
Leveraging Commercial Game Engine for Multi-Domain Image Generation Mr. Jordan Dauble, Ms. Ashley Medford, and Dr. James Frey
Domain-Specific Reduction of Language Model Databases: Overcoming Chatbot Implementation Obstacles Mr. Nicholas Kaimakis, Mr. Samuel Breck, Dr. Benjamin Nye, and CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret)
Simulation Based Optimization of a Propulsion System for an Unmanned Surface Vessel Mr. Taylor Franklin, Mr. Justin Crowe, My Ian Hobson, Mr. John Winn, Mr. John Zimmerman, Dr. Yiannis Papelis, and Dr. Miltos Kotinis
Systems Engineering: Optimizing Creation of Virtual Conversational Human Agents Mr. Daniel Burns, CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), and Mr. Julianne Nordhagen
Training and Education
Title Authors
A "Stories-as-a-Service" Architecture for Enriching Training Simulations Dr. Benjamin Bell, Ms. Debbie Brown, and Dr. Ewald Enzinger
Existential correlation of system complexity and task complexity: Lessons learn from problem solving F-1 combustion instability Dr. Ronald Freeman
Assessing Performance and Usability of 3D Visualization Technologies for Anatomical Training Mr. Andrew Wismer, Dr. Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Dr. Grace Teo, Ms. Sasha Willis, Ms. Kelsey McCracken, and Mr. Matthew Hacket
Enhancing Trainee Immersion with Goal_Directed, Reactive Populations, and Realistic Surroundings Mr. Colin Puskaritz, Dr. Todd Griffith, Mr. Jason Potts, Mr David Knox, and Mr. Anthony Cross
Ready, Aim, Perform! Targeted Micro-Training for Performance Intervention Ms. Lisa Babcock, Dr. Denise Stevens, and Dr. Julia Carpenter
Evolution of Green Pig: Best Practices in Mobile App Design Ms. Ashley Reardon, Dr. Julian Abich, Dr. Jennifer Murphy, and Mr. Frank Hannigan
Validating Simulators for Live, Virtual, Constructive Exercises: A Methodology Dr. Robb Dunne, Mr. Scott Harris, Dr. Lauren Reinerman, Mr. Nathan Jones, and Mr. Alexander Arrieta
The challenge of designing instructionally sound virtual reality-based training Ms. Mia Joe
A taxonomy for the Evaluation of Training Simulations and Environments Dr. Martin Goodwin, Dr. Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Mr. Scott Harris, and Mr. Alexander Arrieta
Training for Operations in a Contested Space Domain Mr. Christopher Dupre, Ms. Alesya Paschal, and Mr. Steve Miskinis
Critical Thinking Training: Proven New Technologies for Engaging DoD Personnel CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), Mr. Nicholas Kaimakis, and Mr. Howard Spaulding
Walking a Mile in Simulated Shoes: Development of an Assessment of Perspective Taking Dr. Jennifer Klafehn, Dr. Patricia Inglese, Dr. Mike Treanor, and Dr. Joshua McCoy
An Immersive Approach to Providing Mishap Awareness Scenario Training for Ensuring Readiness (MASTER) Mr. Zachary Kiehl, Ms. Tatiana Toumbeva, Dr. Tara Brown, Mr. Sterling Wiggins, and Dr. Douglas Maxwell
Visualization and Gamification
Title Authors
Visualizaing and Simulating on Whole World Terrains Mr. Peter Swan
Evaluating the Applicability of Repurposed Entertainment Virtual Reality Devices for Military Training Dr. Douglas Maxwell, Mr. Evan Oster, and Mr. Spencer Lynch
Technology Acceptance of a Virtual Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation Dr. Matthew Hackett
Integrating Virtual and Augmented Reality Based Testing into the Development of Autonomous Vehicles Dr. James Leathrum, Dr. Yuzhong Shen, Dr. Roland Mielke, and Mr. Nathan Gonda
Automated Generation of Holographic Heart Visualization from Coronary Tomography for Multi-place Medical Diagnostics using Holographic devices Mr. Arthur Bucioli, Dr. Edgard Lamounier, Dr. Gerson Lima, and Mr. Alexandre Cardoso
Child-Centric Interactive Exercise Devices (CCIED) and System for COnductive Education Therapy Mr. Chaithanya Renduchintala, Mr. Hari Ramasamy, and Dr. Waldemar Karwowski
Visualization of the Process Interaction Worldview in Discrete Event Simulation Mr. Thomas Tracey, Mr. Brian Dilinila, Dr. James Leathrum, and Dr. Roland Mielke
Graphical Representations Provide Insight into Life Cycle Planning Through Data Analytics Dr. Stephanie Lackey, Dr. Julie Salcedo, and Ms. Julie Kent


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