MODSIM World 2023 Best Paper
Title Authors
Using Machine Learning for Defect Characterization Victoria Gerardi, Antonio Aguirre, and Yvan Christophe
Plenary Presentations
Title Presenters
SBIRs – Getting Beyond Phase II (Tales from the Trenches) Brian Shipley
Title Authors
Re-Engineering Aviation Training: Applying Human-Focused Learning Engineering Processes to Modernize Training Pathways, Interventions, and Use of Simulation Dr. JJ Walcutt and LT Nicholas Armendariz, USN
Modeling Audio Attributes of Deepfakes for Detecting Tampered Speech Dr. Benjamin Bell and Dr. Ewald Enzinger
Data-Driven Modeling and Simulation to Test the Internet of War Things Jeremy Werner
Weaving the Extensible Bills of Materials (xBOM) Fabric Erica Dretzka, Dr. Nathaniel Fuller, and Brent Smith
Using Red Teaming Tools for Model Development: A Six Step Process to Develop a Better International Decision Model Nathan Colvin
Virtual System of Systems Analysis of Advanced Technologies for Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Matt Crozier and Stephen Jameson
Predictive Analysis: Reading the Enemy’s Mind Enrico Raue, Ariane Bitoun, James Appleby, Aurélien Brucher, and Hans ten Bergen
BEST PAPER WINNER: Using Machine Learning for Defect Characterization Victoria Gerardi, Antonio Aguirre, and Yvan Christophe
Ensemble Modeling: Using Advanced Learning Techniques for Naval Risk Analysis and Prediction Ashlee Edwards, Jason Orender, Spencer Smith, Yanhua Feng, and Cristina Rider
Strategic Analytics: Modeling and Simulation for National Defense and International Security Dr. Greg Parlier
Diagnosing Critical Incidents During Army Battle Drills Dr. Michael King, Dr. Eric Sikorski, and Dr. Gregory Goodwin
Realtime System Integration Lab: Active Protection System Case Study Matthew Kursar and Michael Greco
Title Authors
BEST PAPER NOMINEE: Modeling Complex Engineering Problems with a Neural Network Kate Cloutier and Dr. Mileta Tomovic
Adaptive Real-Time External Labeling for Interactive Visualization Shan Liu and Dr. Yuzhong Shen
Modeling the Deployment of a Passive CubeSat Solar Array Dr. Mileta Tomovic and John Nelson
Analysis of Centralized and Distributed Air Traffic Management Systems via Mixed Integer Linear Programs Dr. Rex Kincaid, Cameron Curtis, and Logan Wolf
Finite Element Analysis of Polymer Based Additive Manufacturing: A Derived Approach Robert Larson, Bihui, Li, and Dr. Yuzhong Shen
Integration of an Autonomous Driving Simulator into V2X Simulation Framework for Testing Connected Vehicles Defu Cui and Dr. Yuzhong Shen
Title Authors
A Methodology to Implement a Virtual and Augmented Reality Solution to the Engineering, Maintenance, and Control Phases of HVDC System Dr. Gerson Flavio Mendes de Lima, Febian Martins Silva, Dr. Alexandre Cardoso, Dr. Edgard Lamounier, Lilian Ferreira Queiroz, and Davidson Campos
Xtended Reality – Applying Immersive Technologies Craig Clark
Developing Augmented Reality for Interactive Visualization of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Data Samuel Bushell, Dr. Scott Nowlin, and Matthew Pittard
Implementation of a Proof-of-Concept Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Training Capability for USAF Pararescuemen Dr. Karthik Sarma, Dr. Jennifer Polson, Col John Dorsch DO, USAF (Ret.), Talia Weiss, Dr. Tyler Andre, Dr. Michael Barrie, and Dr. Ryan Ribeira
Generation and Utilization of Synthetic Data to Enhance Type I and Type II Error Resistance for Small Datasets Jason Orender, Ralitsa Maduro, Matthew McCombs, and Brock Spencer
Training & Education
Title Authors
Ready Trainer Too: The Trials, Tribulations, and Technical Troubles of Bringing the Classroom and Immersive Training to the Metaverse Andrew Hollis
Digital Twins and the Future State with AI and Metaverse/Immersive Learning Ravi Garimella and Cody Caddell
Game Engine Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Implementations to Evaluate Human Performance in Transportation Engineering Dr. Kevin Hulme, CMSP, Roman Dmowski, Rajyavardhan Karra, Prajit Kumar, Rachel Su Ann Lim, and Meredith Finn
Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Digital Training Asset Repositories Dr. Richard Ayers, Dr. Jeffrey Beaubien, Rick Keithley, Michael Bates, and Dr. Winston “Wink” Bennett Jr.
Calibrating for Performance: The Science of Interpreting Trust Indicators While Using Decision-Making Aids Audrey Reinert, Valarie Yerdon, Daniel Nguyen, Summer Rebensky, and Dr. Maria Chaparro Osman
A Novel Approach to Automated Assessment Generation Using Semantic Extraction Dr. Terry Patten, Dr. Rachel Amey, Joanne Barnieu, Clarence Dillon, Dr. Jennifer Harvey, Dr. Sean Shiverick, Michael Smith, and Steve Hookway
Integrated Learner Assessment for Readiness Tracking Within Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Dr. Karthik Sarma, Dr. Michael Poppe, Col John Dorsch DO, USAF (Ret.), Talia Weiss, Dr. Tyler Andre, Dr. Michael Barrie, Dr. Jennifer Polson, and Dr. Ryan Ribeira
Haptic and Virtual Reality Glove Comparison Madison Quinn, Shane Taber, Justin Welzien, David Fahr, Matthew Becchio, and Edwin Cardalda
Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Instruments in Virtual Labs Yiyang Li, Dr. Yuzhong Shen, and Dr. Charles Sukenik
Large-Scale Online Constructive Simulation as a Response Training and Education Platform David Spriggs and Schawn Thropp
Employing Metrics to Balance Live, Virtual, and Constructive Simulation to Meet Training Objectives Dr. Tim Cooley and Dr. Ivar Oswalt, CMSP
BEST PAPER NOMINEE: Taking a Constructivist Approach to Human-AI Co-Learning Design Dr. Julian Abich IV and Dr. Eric Sikorski
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